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  I like your products, have used them a few times successfully. I like the USB boot software (Windows Key) a lot. Thank you!
Jim Pollock,
Eagle Technology Associates.
  Wow! I have worked with and taught a number of forensic software tools, but Passware Kit Forensic is the top dog. From lost passwords to complete Bitlocker and TrueCrypt Volume recovery. This is an absolute must for security and IT Professionals.
Andy Malone,
Microsoft MVP,
Cybercrime Security Forum & Microsoft TechEd 2010 Speaker.

Passware, Inc. has been developing password recovery software for forensic agencies, law enforcement, military organizations, and private detectives since 1998.

Passware's top selling products - Passware Kit Enterprise and Encryption Analyzer Professional - are widely used by law enforcement agencies and are included in Certified Computer Examiner training. These products provide a complete solution for encrypted evidence discovery, encryption analysis, password recovery and decryption. With file scanning speeds of more than 4,000 files per minute, password recovery performance of up to millions of passwords per minute, and support for more than 100 file formats, this solution proves to be comprehensive and fast.

A few of Passware customers include: Department of Justice, IRS Criminal Investigation, Department of Defense, US Supreme Court, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Police Departments, KPMG Forensic, County Sheriffs, and more.

Passware products are easy to install and customize, require no special hardware. This guarantees that Passware’s evidence discovery tools are easily available whenever required, and makes them applicable to any forensic need, ranging from private detectives to large forensic agencies.

Passware Kit Forensic
A complete password recovery and encrypted evidence discovery solution.
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Passware Kit Subscription
Receive all the new revisions of Passware Kit Forensic. Download the software from our website anytime you need. Free technical support.
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Encryption Analyzer Professional
Scans computers and finds all the password-protected or encrypted files on a PC or over the network.
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Search Index Examiner
Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database.
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