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  Thank you kindly for your help. Whilst I have and will continue to be Passware's loyal customer, your Customer Support response has been above and beyond expectations! I will recommend your company at every appropriate opportunity.
Oliver Boston,
Director of Spreadsheeting Ltd.

Thank you for your prompt and very thorough explanation. You have really helped me better understand the power of your software - it is nothing short of breath taking! This is literally the best response I have ever gotten for a technical question.
Paul Stelmachers,
Recoup Software LLC.

I will keep your site between my favorites, and in a next occasion I will recommend your Company to my friends.
Arnauld de la Valette,
Consultant sous mandat.

Thank you so very much for your help! I had tried everything to get into this computer, and now I can. I really am glad for your help. Thanks again. A very satisfied customer,
Tressa C.

Thank you, I am VERY pleased and impressed with the level of support you have offered me, and will recommend your products and services to anyone in need of such applications. Very cordially yours,
John H.,
Burnsville, MN.

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Need a one-time password recovery solution? Don't want to install or use any software? Let us take care of the job!

Passware provides an in-house password recovery and decryption service for more than 200 file types. We use Passware Kit Forensic – the very same software used by law enforcement and government agencies to decrypt files. The service is rated per file.

If a file can be unlocked instantly, you will receive the decrypted file within 1 business day. If your file requires Brute-force attack, Passware runs an in-house password recovery process on its powerful servers* applying Distributed Password Recovery and GPU and TACC hardware acceleration. In this case, the service is rated on a per-day basis.

The Decryption Service is 100% guaranteed: You pay nothing if our software fails to decrypt your file (for Instant Password Recovery) or if the password recovery speed is lower than confirmed by our representative (for Brute-force Password Recovery).

Instant Password Recovery or Password Removal (service price per file)
  • Passwords to open ACT (BLB, MUD, ADF), FileMaker (FM7), MS Office 95-2003 (XLS, DOC, MDB), SQL (MDF), MYOB (MYO), Peachtree (DAT), QuickBooks (QBB, QBW), Quicken 95-2007 (QDF) files, VBA projects
  • Passwords to modify Acrobat (PDF), MS Office 95-2010 (XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, ACCDB, etc.) files
  • Other files marked as "Instant Recovery/Reset"
1 file 2-3 files 4-7 files More files...
$29 $24 $19 Request a Quote
Brute-force Password Recovery (service price per day per file)
  • Passwords to open Acrobat (PDF), Lotus Notes (ID), MS Office 2007-2010 (XLSX, DOCX, ACCDB, etc.), MS Money (MNY), PGP (SKR, EXE, etc.), RAR, TrueCrypt, Zip files
  • Other files marked as "Brute-force Recovery"
1st - 2nd day 3rd - 4th day 5th day and further...
$195 per day $145 per day $95 per day

Complete the form below, and attach your password-protected file, or upload it on our ftp server (if the file is larger than 2MB). A Passware representative will analyze your file and send you a quote and order instructions.

The service is available Monday through Friday.

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Boxes marked (*) are mandatory.

Personal Information  
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Email:
* Contact Phone:
Service Details  
Attach file to decrypt (if it's less than 2MB):
My file is larger than 2MB or I have multiple files
(request permission to upload on Passware's ftp server):
I need an urgent top-priority service
(additional fee may apply):
Additional Comments:

Finally, please re-check the information you have entered, and click the Submit request button. Thank you.


Passware agrees to keep all submitted files and data strictly confidential and will not release any files or data to third parties. Reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard and protect data while in possession of Passware and to verify the identity of individuals to whom this data is released. Data and files will be destroyed upon completion of described work to the satisfaction of the client or at the client's direction.

* Passware servers used for the Distributed Brute-force Password Recovery Service:

  • 4 x Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz,
  • 3 x Intel Pentium IV 3 GHz,
  • 1 x Intel Core i5 2.67 GHz.

Hardware accelerators:

  • 1 x Tableau TACC 1441,
  • 2 x NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT,
  • 1 x NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2,
  • 1 x NVIDIA GTX 470,
  • 1 x NVIDIA GTX 295,
  • 1 x NVIDIA TESLA C1060.

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